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Bio energy in Fiss:


Biomass heating is probably the most environmentally friendly way to meet the heating requirements using renewable energy from the forest. For this reason we have decided to renew the existing oil heating system simultaneously with the reconstruction of our house.

The plant has been in operation since 2009 and along with Haus Sonnenterrasse another 5 houses are connected to the local heating grid. 


In biomass heating plants natural wood is burnt in particularly environmentally friendly way in modern boilers and is supplied via underground pipes to the connected buildings.

The actual heat usage is calibrated using electronic heat meters and accurately charged. 



Details and facts:

  • Heating at a combustion of 450 kw (to compare, a family house needs 15-25 kw of heating).
  • The wood chip usage at full load for an hour lies at around 180kg. With the current facility size 505 mwh is removed.
  • For this project 250-300 running meters of pipes were laid. The supply temperature lies at 85 degrees and the return temperature lies at 55°C.
  • The storage for the wood chippings holds 140m³ - which is enough for roughly 6 weeks.
  • The annual consumption is about 800 cubic metres. 
  • The wood chips are purchased from the Fiss farmer communities stock. 
  • The heating plant is designed so that one or more consumers may be connected.




Environmental thoughts:

... this is how we try to do our part:

  • Heating using biomass
  • Clean electricity 100% from hydropower (by the energy provider TIWAG)
  • Free bus connection using  SUPER.SUMMER.CARD
  • The use (when possible) of local products at our breakfast buffet.