… for the sake of the environment!

Our contribution to environmental protection



For us, sustainability is not just a word, but a tangible promise to nature and our guests:

In the heart of Fiss, Appartement Haus Sonnenterrasse transforms the concept of sustainability into a living reality.

We are proud to use the heat from our in-house biomass plant for our house and the neighboring houses. This is powered by wood chips – a clear commitment to renewable energy directly from the forest.

But our passion for nature goes far beyond that. Our own farm is not only the home of our cattle, but also a place of care for the meadows and mountain pastures of Fiss.

In-house biomass plant

Comfortable warmth for our home

Biomass local heating is probably the most environmentally friendly way to cover heating requirements with renewable energy from the forest. And so, in 2009, we decided to install our own biomass local heating system, which is powered by wood chips,
into operation. The wood chips for this are obtained from the communal store of the Fiss agricultural community.

In biomass heating plants – like ours – natural wood is burnt in a particularly environmentally friendly way in optimally operated, state-of-the-art boilers and the heat is supplied to the connected buildings via underground pipes. 5 other houses in addition to our apartment house in Fiss are supplied with local heating from our plant.

Environmental concept

in your vacation apartment Fiss

So we try to do our part:

  • Heat from biomass heating
  • 100% clean electricity from hydropower (from the energy provider TIWAG)
  • Maintaining the surrounding meadows and mountain pastures as part of our farming activities
  • Free bus connections with the SUPER.SOMMER.CARD
  • Use of local products (where possible) at the breakfast buffet