Preparation for skiing


We at Appartements Sonnenterrasse in Fiss have put together some valuable information for you on how you can prepare for a perfect skiing vacation from the comfort of your own home. Tips such as training suggestions, advice on safety, as well as care and purchase of your ski equipment should ensure you have wonderful – and above all safe – days of skiing.


With the following tips, nothing stands in the way of winter sports fun:

  • One of the most important points is, of course, safety!
    It is therefore advisable, for example, to wear a back protector and above all a helmet. Make sure that both fit perfectly. The helmet should also fit very well when the head is shaken slightly.
  • Appartement Fiss also recommends wearing a balaclava under your helmet in particularly cold temperatures. It is also important to apply a cold protection cream to protect your face.
  • The use of sun cream is also essential in fine weather.
  • You should also wear a waterproof and breathable ski suit. Therefore, use special detergents for sportswear when washing and follow the care instructions on the garment. Then waterproof your jacket and trousers. This is just as important as the correct washing process.
    Caution: Only impregnate the outside of the textile and not too often. How often you repeat the process depends on the load. But at the latest when the material absorbs moisture, it is time to impregnate the garment.
  • To protect yourself from cold temperatures, we at Appartement Fiss recommend wearing long ski underwear.
    This should end above the ski boot. This prevents painful pressure points when wearing the shoes.
  • So make sure you also wear good ski socks. Ideally, you should choose these together with your ski boots.
  • It is therefore particularly important that you choose very comfortable ski boots. A good hold is your primary goal. Because your feet expand throughout the day, you should try on your shoes between 2 and 5 p.m., for example. This way you can be sure that the boots won’t cause you any pain on the slopes later on.
    One final tip: don’t fasten the buckles on your ski boots until before your first descent. Shoes should not be closed during the ride in the gondola. If this is not taken into account, cold feet are inevitable.


The snow conditions in our Serfaus Fiss Ladis ski region are unbelievably good, which is why you can enjoy a very special skiing experience again this year. So that you are perfectly equipped for skiing fun on the slopes, we have put together some helpful tips from the Sonnenterrasse, your ski apartment in Fiss.


Our training tips:

To prevent injuries, you should consider a targeted training program before your skiing vacation in Appartement Fiss. As skiing places particular strain on the core and abdominal muscles, as well as the ankle and knee joints, you should train them with the following short training sessions, some of which you can easily incorporate into your everyday life:

  • Climbing stairs
  • Ice skating
  • Running
  • Squats


We at the Sonnenterrasse, your vacation apartment and your ski apartment Fiss, wish you lots of fun while training and lots of anticipation for a unique ski vacation on the sunny plateau Fiss Ladis Serfaus!

About the author: Sabine Egger

Sabine ist Content Creator vom Appartement Haus Sonnenterrasse in Fiss. Sie informiert euch über Neuigkeiten der Region Serfaus Fiss Ladis, leckere Rezepte aus Tirol und wertvolle Tipps rund ums Skifahren und Wandern.