Spring flowers in the Serfaus Fiss Ladis region


Spring in Fiss

Even though it is often still quite wintry here in the “Oberes Gericht” in spring, with snowflakes dancing softly in the wind, the first harbingers of spring can already be spotted! At the edge of the forest, where the snow melts away in the warming spring sunshine, we can already see a little fresh green.

The first flowers are also poking their heads out of the ground, fighting their way through undergrowth, leaves and branches and defying low temperatures and the often adverse conditions of the first weeks of spring!


After the white splendor, discover the diversity of nature

The ski season is now coming to an end, but the favorable location of our sun-drenched plateau invites you to go for walks in the newly awakening nature. Yellow, white, pink and red, purple and blue – this is how the spring flowers shine and bring color to the fresh green of the meadows and forests. The flowers and leaves come in different shapes and some exude a strong fragrance. We can already see the first bees, bumblebees and beetles buzzing busily across the meadows.

The first harbingers of spring are the snowdrops, spring knot flowers and snow roses. We often find them in the middle of the snow. Soon, however, we can discover the bright colors of crocuses and hyacinths, daisies and dandelions. We can already admire the first tulips and daffodils in the gardens. In the open countryside, on the meadows, in the woods and on the mountain slopes, we soon discover the delicate blossoms of liverworts and wood anemones, the first wood violets, coltsfoot and heather.


Our hiking tip: the “Blumensteig” trail

We, the team at Sonnenterrasse Fiss, your apartment Serfaus Fiss Ladis, would like to introduce you to a special hiking trail in our sunny region: the “Blumensteig”. This themed trail offers a constant stream of colorful nature discoveries from spring to autumn. Let yourself be enchanted by the variety of colors and shapes of different plants! As part of a guided themed hike, you will learn lots of interesting facts about these little wonders of nature. Or enjoy the trail on your own and read the information boards along the way.


Good to know

With many of the spring flowers it says: “Be careful!” – because they are poisonous. In many cases it is individual parts, such as the bulb in crocus, daffodil and tulip or the plant milk, as in dandelion, that can trigger nausea, vomiting and diarrhea! Children and animals in particular should avoid contact with the early bloomers. Sometimes, as with daphne for example, even just touching the flower can cause irritation to the skin!


In tiny quantities as a remedy

It was precisely because of these toxic properties that the flowers were often used in naturopathy in earlier times. Snow roses were used as an emetic and laxative! The liverwort was said to have healing powers for bile and liver complaints. Freshly picked, grated ribwort plantain in turn relieves the pain and wheals after contact with stinging nettles.


Please do not pick any flowers

You would love to pick the little harbingers of spring and take a little bit of spring home with you – but be careful! – Some of these flowers, e.g. snowdrops, spring knot flowers, liverworts and cowslips are protected! They must not be picked or dug up! Unfortunately, there are only a few of these wild flowers left – and we urgently need to secure their existence, as they are among the few plants that provide insects with nectar at this time of year.


Enjoy the warming rays of sunshine in the coming weeks of spring and delight in the colors and scent of the flowers! Listen to the chirping of the birds! Stop and take some time to see it with your own eyes: nature has awoken from hibernation to new life!
Enjoy your first spring walks!
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